Analyzing Diary Entries with CEFR Levels: Understanding Language Proficiency with LangJournal

LangJournal features the unique ability to analyze diary entries based on the CEFR levels, helping users understand and improve their language skills.

How CEFR Level Analysis Works

LangJournal evaluates diaries based on word choice, grammar accuracy, and verb forms, grading them from A1 (beginner) to C2 (advanced) using the CEFR scale.

Objective Language Skill Assessment

This tool provides an objective assessment of language proficiency, identifying specific areas for improvement.

Clarifying Learning Direction

The CEFR level analysis assists in tracking progress and pinpointing areas to focus on, like grammar weaknesses or vocabulary expansion.


LangJournal’s CEFR level analysis is a valuable tool for understanding language skills and creating effective learning plans. It uses diary entries for regular language ability checks and visualizing learning progress.

Download the app for iOS here.
Download the app for Android here.

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