Thoughts on Starting an English Diary

It has been three days since I started writing an English diary. My motivation is very high, so writing the diary has not been a burden at all. I have chosen to write in the morning because I feared that I might not continue if I tried to do it at night when I’m tired or lack the energy.

I adjusted the time for writing my diary every morning from the initial plan of one hour to 30 minutes. This 30 minutes turned out to be “just right” for me. I spend 15 minutes writing the diary and another 15 minutes on editing and reading it aloud.

I am writing my English diary on the LangJournal app. I am once again amazed by the accuracy of the corrections made using ChatGPT. I have come to realize once more that ChatGPT excels at identifying mistakes by understanding the context.

Moment of Realization

I take a one-hour English one-on-one lesson once a week. At the beginning of the lesson, during the free talk time, I tried bringing up the content of the English diary I wrote that day. I was able to speak more fluently than I thought when talking about the content I wrote in the diary. Probably because writing it down once helped retain the content in my mind, making it easier to articulate the words in conversation.

Looking Forward

Ultimately, I aim to continue this for a year, but for now, I have set a smaller goal of keeping it up for three weeks. This is because, in my experience, continuing something for three weeks turns it into a habit, and afterward, not doing it feels odd.

It’s still early days, but I am determined to keep going.

※I am a Japanese individual, and it’s important to note that this text is translated by ChatGPT. I myself am not capable of writing so fluently in English.

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