Using the English Diary Correction App “LangJournal”!

Hello, I’m Maru, an English learner.

I started using the English diary correction app “LangJournal” to study English through diary entries, so I’ll share how to use it and my impressions.

If you’re looking for an English diary correction app, please read till the end.

What is the LangJournal App?

LangJournal is an app designed to help you learn languages through diary habits.

You can learn six languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch, all of which come with AI-powered diary correction features.

Additionally, this app offers not just corrections but also diary sharing with teams, chat interactions with friends, and even the ability to ask questions to ChatGPT.

Here are its main features:

  • Immediate diary correction by AI
  • Join teams and share diaries
  • Ask questions to ChatGPT
  • Check written diaries at CEFR levels
  • Attach photos and videos to your diary
  • Record and check your pronunciation

How I Used It

Next, I’ll show how I used LangJournal, along with my experiences.

If you’re interested in trying it out but can’t imagine how it works, take a look at the images depicting the actual screens.

1.Writing a Diary

First, write a diary entry.

The key point here is that you can choose the type of diary.

Many people struggle with free writing because they don’t know what to write, but LangJournal eliminates that worry.

  • Free Writing
  • Choose a Theme
  • Random Topic
  • Eiken Challenge

You can either write what you want freely or choose from themes.

If you select “Choose a Theme,” topics are provided according to different levels.

2.Receiving Corrections

After writing your diary, you can get corrections immediately.

Since AI corrects it instantly, you get feedback while your enthusiasm for learning is still fresh.

Mistakes are highlighted in the text, and alternative suggestions and explanations are provided.

I found it easy to understand because it not only corrects mistakes but also explains why the corrections are necessary.

3.Asking ChatGPT Questions

After receiving corrections, you can ask questions to ChatGPT.

I asked, “Please rewrite this sentence in a native-like manner and explain the reason.”

While the initial corrections only pointed out grammatical errors, ChatGPT provided insights into how a native speaker would express the idea, offering a new learning perspective.

The changes in sentence structure, conjunctions, and expressions were significant, providing many new insights.

4.Sharing Diaries with the Team

Finally, you share your diary in the team’s chat.

In LangJournal, teams are formed with five people each, allowing members to share diaries and interact through chats, encouraging each other in learning.

Here’s how it looked when I posted my diary in the team for the first time.

The checkmarks at the bottom of the diary indicate that team members have read it.

You can use reaction buttons to respond or delve deeper into the diary content. The flexibility of team usage was motivating because knowing someone is reading your work drives you to keep learning.

Impressions of Using LangJournal

My honest impression of using LangJournal is, “It has features that help you continue, even for someone like me who usually gives up quickly!”

One of the crucial factors in language learning is continuity. Even if you become proficient through studying abroad, you can easily forget the language without continued exposure.

I have studied abroad in Canada and worked in English-speaking environments, but I quickly forgot English conversation skills, and even simple words and grammar, once I stopped using the language.

However, by using LangJournal and writing an English diary every day, I gradually regained the feel for using English.

Just 15 minutes a day is enough.

Creating opportunities to be exposed to English can significantly enhance learning effectiveness.

LangJournal provides a structure where you can complete diary writing, corrections, and sharing within these 15 minutes.

I felt it’s not just a tool for establishing an English learning habit but also an excellent tool for improving English proficiency.

Good Points of LangJournal

Finally, here are three good points I felt about using LangJournal.

  • Share diaries with team members
  • Prepared topics
  • Learn natural native expressions, not just corrections

Let’s look at each one in detail.

Share Diaries with Team Members

The first good point is the ability to share diaries with team members.

As mentioned earlier, LangJournal features a team function composed of five members each, where you can share diaries and interact through chats.

The team function offers three benefits:

  • Motivation to continue writing daily diaries with the help of team members
  • Learning from reading other members’ diaries
  • Opportunities to practice output by chatting in English

Writing diaries alone can lead to loss of motivation and eventual giving up. However, with LangJournal, having team members motivates you to continue learning, making it easier to stick to the habit compared to writing alone.

You can also learn vocabulary and expressions from other members’ diaries and practice output through English chats, which is highly recommended.

Prepared Topics

The second good point is the availability of prepared topics.

I have tried to start writing English diaries several times before but quickly gave up because I didn’t know what to write about.

Not every day has special events, so I often struggled with what content to write even before starting to write in English.

However, LangJournal provides topics, so you don’t have to worry about what to write.

  • Free Writing
  • Choose a Theme
  • Random Topic
  • Eiken Challenge

You can freely write one day and choose a theme the next day. Topics are set according to levels from 1 to 5, so you can choose based on your level.

Increasing the level when you get used to it is also a good approach!

Learn Natural Native Expressions, Not Just Corrections

The last good point is that you can learn natural native expressions, not just corrections.

For those aiming to “output their opinions or daily life in English,” the correction function alone might be satisfying enough.

However, for those who “can write correctly using words and grammar but want to know natural native expressions,” the question function is highly recommended.

By effectively using the question function to ChatGPT, I felt it could further expand your vocabulary and expression range.

After writing a diary using your words and grammar, asking, “Please rewrite this sentence in a native-like manner and explain the reason,” reveals the areas you lack, such as vocabulary level, conjunction usage, and tenses.

You can ask questions freely, so ask about what you want to know.

LangJournal is the App for English Diary Correction

This time, I shared my impressions and recommendations of using the English diary correction app LangJournal.

In summary, it is a wonderful app with features that make it easy to continue, even for someone who usually gives up quickly!

The top three recommended points are:

  • Share diaries with team members
  • Prepared topics
  • Learn natural native expressions, not just corrections

It is recommended for those who want to establish an English learning habit, improve their English skills through an English diary, and study while encouraging each other with friends.

You can start for free, so please download it and give it a try.

Download LangJournal from here.