365 Days of English Diary, Day 10

I am currently challenging myself to write an English diary for 365 days in order to improve my English. It has been 10 days since I started this challenge. Here are some things I’ve noticed.

Set a Fixed Time for Writing

For the first 8 days, I had established a routine of writing my diary every morning after a walk, but on the 9th day, I broke that habit. In the morning, I prioritized other things I wanted to do, which resulted in procrastinating until night without writing. Additionally, I felt reluctant to write at night.

I’ve realized once more that setting a fixed time for writing is essential for continuity. In my case, using the morning hours helps maintain my motivation, so I will make it a routine to write my English diary after my walk.

Declaring to Others

I declared on Twitter that I would be writing a diary, and I also mentioned it in my blog. Furthermore, I made a declaration to my wife. This has given me a good sense of pressure. Since I’ve declared it, I feel obliged to continue, and I have been able to do so.

Insights into Learning English

One insight I’ve gained in learning English involves the past tense expression of “used to.” I previously thought that “didn’t use to” was correct, but after being corrected by Sapling, I learned that “didn’t used to” is commonly used. I am thankful for tools that pay attention to such fine details.

*Note: Grammatically, “didn’t use to” or “did not use to” is correct.

Running Out of Topics

However, I’ve started to feel a slight decline in motivation due to writing the diary daily. Particularly, running out of topics to write about has become a problem. To address this, I want to develop a feature that provides users with topics to write about. Through these experiences and learnings, I aim to make the habit of writing a diary richer and more meaningful.

In Conclusion

That’s all for now. I will continue to do my best this week.

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