Creating LangJournal: My Journey as a Programmer to Language Learning Enthusiast

I’d like to share with you the story behind the development of the language learning app, LangJournal.

Awakening to English Learning

As a programmer with a keen interest in new technologies and trends, I always aspired to work in major tech companies in Silicon Valley. Realizing the necessity of English proficiency for this dream, I embarked on a solo trip to the US at the age of 28 to experience the vibe of Silicon Valley.

Impact of the Solo Trip to America

This trip profoundly made me recognize the importance of learning English. Subsequently, I decided to go on a working holiday to Vancouver, Canada, to further improve my English skills.

Starting an English Diary and Its Benefits

In Canada, I attended a language school to focus on English. To enhance my learning, I began writing a daily diary in English, which significantly improved my proficiency. However, after graduating, I struggled without anyone to check my daily entries.

The Inspiration Behind LangJournal

Faced with the absence of affordable diary checking services, I conceptualized LangJournal, an app with AI-based correction features. The success of this trial led to the full-scale development of the app. I continued my English diary while spending six months developing LangJournal.

App Development and Beyond

Currently, I am continuously improving the app and working on my own English skills. I hope LangJournal will be a helpful tool for other language learners in their learning process.

Download the app for iOS here.
Download the app for Android here.

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