How to Improve Your Listening Skills with a Diary in the Language You’re Studying

Writing a diary in the language you’re studying can surprisingly help improve your listening skills. Writing enhances your understanding and vocabulary usage when listening. Here, we introduce methods to use a diary for enhancing your listening skills in the language you’re studying.

Method 1: Write Down What You Hear

After listening to news, podcasts, or movies in the language, write down what you understood and any new expressions in your diary.

Method 2: Practice Transcription

Listen to audio in the language and try to transcribe it as accurately as possible. This will improve your listening comprehension.

Method 3: Keep a Listening Diary

Maintain a diary of your daily listening activities. Note what materials you listened to, what parts you understood, and what challenges you faced.

Method 4: Utilize Feedback

Show your diary to language teachers or friends and get feedback on pronunciation and expressions.

Method 5: Record Your Diary

Instead of writing, try recording your diary entries. This also practices pronunciation.

Enhance Your Listening Skills with LangJournal

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