A Management Manual for New Owners on LangJournal

This article has been created for owners who are launching their team on LangJournal for the first time.

Thank you for taking that first step. Our management team is here to support your team’s activities.

1. What to Do After Launching Your Team

1-1. Write and Post the First Journal Entry

You might be the only member when you launch the team. However, write a journal and post it to the team. New members who join your team can view chats and journal entries from the past three days. If there are no posts when new members join, they might leave the team immediately.

1-2. Turn on Notifications and Send Messages to New Members

Push notifications are sent when new members join. It’s enough to start with simple greetings like “Hello” or “Nice to meet you!” You can set up notifications under “My Page Tab” → “Settings Icon” → “Push Notifications”

1-3. Post on Social Media

Try recruiting members on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. You can get your team’s URL or QR code by navigating to “Team Tab” → “Menu Icon” → “Invite”

2. What to Do During Management

2-1. Post Journals Daily Yourself

Seeing you actively writing journals can inspire other members to think, “I should try hard too!” We recommend writing journals daily for 10-15 minutes. Writing for longer might make it difficult to continue daily.

2-2. Comment on Members’ Journals

After a member writes a journal, press the Check button, write a comment, or ask questions. Interactions like these can motivate members and keep them posting.

Success Stories

Currently, in one team, four users have been writing journals daily for 10 consecutive days. Although the length of each journal is short, comments on the journals are actively made. The keys to success appear to be “posting a journal daily, even if it’s short” and “commenting on other members’ journals”

One of the team members shared, “It’s fun to study with others, which keeps me going.”

Other Information

If there are inappropriate users, as an owner, you can force them to leave the team. Navigate to “Team Details” → “Menu Icon” → “Force Member to Leave.”

If any issues arise, please consult with the management. You can do this by going to “My Page” → “Settings Icon” → “Support & Feedback.”