Track Your Progress with LangJournal!

Are you ready to easily track your language learning progress with LangJournal? This app comes with fantastic features that visualize your effort and growth. Let’s see how LangJournal helps you understand your learning progress at a glance!

Tracking Learning Days

With LangJournal, you can easily keep track of your learning days. Here are three key metrics you’ll find:

Current Consecutive Learning Days:
Shows the number of consecutive days you’ve been learning, including today. It’s a great way to see your daily commitment at a glance.

Longest Consecutive Learning Streak:
This shows the longest streak of learning days you’ve achieved so far. It’s a wonderful reminder of how much effort you’ve put in.

Total Learning Days:
The total number of days you’ve used LangJournal to learn. This helps you see how all those daily efforts add up over time.

CEFR Level Check Feature

LangJournal includes a feature to check your CEFR level. The CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) is an international standard for measuring language proficiency.

What’s amazing about this feature is that your progress is displayed in a graph. This visual representation makes it clear to see how your language skills are improving over time. It’s a visual testament to how your daily studies are contributing to your growth.

Benefits of Visible Learning Progress

Having your learning progress visible in LangJournal offers several significant benefits:

Increased Motivation:
Seeing your efforts visually represented can greatly boost your motivation to learn.

Clear Path to Achieving Goals:
Knowing how much you’ve learned and grown makes the journey towards your goals feel more tangible.

Supports Habit Formation:
Regularly checking your daily progress helps turn learning into a habit.


LangJournal is a fantastic tool for visualizing your learning progress, making language learning more effective and enjoyable. Track your learning days and check your CEFR level to feel your growth. Why not start your language journey with LangJournal today?

Download the app for iOS here.
Download the app for Android here.

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